Creative director: Damian Prado
Art director: Elisa Solinas
Design and animation: Kelly Flynn, Taylor Su, Agne Jurkenaite, Yukari Schrickel, Connie Chen, Duncan Senkumba
CNN OnPlatform Rebrand

This project was a huge overhaul of CNN Digital’s mogrt package. The facelift began with CNN’s branding on social media (Instagram, TikTok, etc.). We called this CNN OffPlatform. 

Mine and dream team’s role was to adapt the OffPlatform package to fit and CNN Broadcast content, referred to as OnPlatform. This meant converting existing vertical mogrts to fit 16:9, and creating additional mogrts that otherwise wouldn’t exist outside of

I also had the task of converting the mogrts for CNN Arabic and CNN Espanol.


This is just one of the frames from the Figma doc styleguide :)

Selection of demos

Lower Third

The lower third mogrt is to give context of the person speaking on screen. 

Text in red bounding boxes is for occupation. It can support two lines of text if title is very long.
Full name is displayed in bigger, white boxes. The arrangement changes to two lines if format is set to vertical.
Additional options include: avatar image, ‘voice of’, center and right alignments and other CNN brands (Politics, Travel, etc.)


The headline mogrt is for short, impactful headlines with category tags if needed.

Main headline text comes in regular and small sizes.
Category tags are available from a drop-down menu to indicate the type of content.
Additional options include: horizontal and vertical formats, other CNN brands (Style has 3 different font styles), Travel and Climate adjustable decor elements, left or center alignments and drop shadow opacity when footage is bright.

Bullet Points

The bullet point mogrt is for showing a list of information.

The mogrt can support up to 8 bullet points and optional header
Small, regular and large text sizes available
Option to toggle bullet points
Each point’s animation can be delayed with sliders
Additional options include: vertical option, center and right alignment, other CNN brands and drop shadow opacity sliders.

Big Number

The big number mogrt is used to show a statistic. 

The mogrt includes top and bottom texts, which can be left empty if not needed
As well as adjustable number animation, prefixes and suffixes have their own input fields.
Additional options include: vertical option, center alignment, other CNN brands and drop shadow opacity sliders.  


The phone mogrt is for framing vertical social media content.

Full name input
Social media handle and their icons drop down menu available
Optional text
Phone size adjust and UI toggle
Additional options include: left and right alignment and dark mode.

Quick reel of CNN Arabic

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