2017 Chiyoko Animation Film Festival (awarded 1st place in category 15-20 year olds)
2018 FiSH Film Festival
2018 Yale Student Film Festival
2018 Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival of Brazil

I really wanted to share the award I received from Chiyoko Festival! Every year they have a child design the award, which is then made into a plushie :) 

My Lithuanian Summer

A film about childhood and how one goes to learn about life.

This was a personal film made during my studies at UAL. At the time I was hooked on Yuri Norstein’s work (for those who don’t know this name, he is the creator of Hedgehog in the Fog, a master of stop-motion). 

I have always been fascinated by children and their weird behaviours, so I decided to dwelve into my own childhood memories and share these experiences in this autobiographical work.

The technique consists of acrylic paint, cel sheets and blu-tac. I have learned many mistakes from this project lol. 

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