Director and animator: Agne Jurkenaite, Anna Smirnova, Daniel O’Connor
Painting assistands: Alize Sotelo Gutierrez, Elizaveta Ryzhova, Tianhua ‘Oleon’ Lin
Composer: Jarrah Hewes
Script consultant: Liam Engels
Voice acting: Cyrus Lo, Anna Smirnova

2020 Anča in Wonderland
2019 TIAF
2019 Fantoche
2019 ANIFILM Midnights
2019 Visions Festival


Dark apartments and closed-up spaces create an atmosphere in which peculiar obsessions bubble up. A mother and son relationship take an unexpected turn, which leads to a dramatic change in their fates.

‘Soapboy’ is my graduation film. Anna, Daniel and I worked together from pre-production to delivery, and it’s been one of my favourite projects I ever worked on! 

The technique is a vomit of acrylic paint, pen and charcoal on cel, with occasional fabric and whatever else that was within reach. We used the school’s budget to the limit so we could create this experiment baby. 

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