Interviewer: Barry Neild
Senior video producer: Temujin Doran
Video producers: Sofia Couceiro, Teodora Preda
Planning producer: Angelica Pursley

Art director:
Ignacio Osorio, Elisa Solinas
Design and animation: Agne Jurkenaite
Additional video design: Daisy Mella Roca, Emma Beinish

Interactive credits
Writer: Barry Neild
Digital Design: Woojin Lee, Mark Oliver
Web Development: Byron Manley

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2022 Emmy winner for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction

The Hippie Trail

Before the Lonely Planet guidebooks, there was a couple that ventured from the UK across the globe to Australia. 

This journey is interpreted with stop-motion, 2D drawn animation and photographs of landmarks unique to each location - all delivered in bright colours! 

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